Strategic Investment Shifts: Navigating Market Manipulation and Seizing Opportunities in a Bull Market


October 13, 2023


1. Strategic Shift for Individual Investors:

Retail investors are advised to decisively abandon large-cap stocks with high circulation values and shift away from high-priced stocks, especially those that have already seen significant increases. These stocks are unlikely to double in value, making them less attractive for individual investors seeking significant returns. Instead, the focus should be on low-priced small-cap stocks, which are at the bottom of the market and offer the only real chance for retail investors to significantly increase their investments. 段落图片2

2. Market Manipulation and Investment Opportunities:

There is a rare opportunity for portfolio reallocation. Institutional investors are using large-cap stocks to manipulate the market, creating panic to force retail investors to sell their valuable small-cap stocks at a loss. These institutions are strategically acquiring small-cap stocks, known for their potential to double in value and easier to manipulate. This shift is critical for retail investors looking to quickly recover their investments. 段落图片3

3. Overcoming Fear and Seizing the Bull Market:

Retail investors must overcome fear and boldly invest in these undervalued small-cap stocks. The stock market, currently with no apparent reason for a downturn, is poised for a significant upswing. With the easing of US-China relations, the halt in US interest rate hikes, and the expected appreciation of the Renminbi, foreign capital is increasingly entering the A-share market. This marks the start of a bull market, making it a crucial time to invest in stocks.